Public Relations

Press Collaboration

Successful press relations can only occur if there is a good relationship between a company promoting products or services and the journalists who write in their trade journals.

Building up a relationship of trust with editors and journalists assists the process.  GMS arranges for clients to meet with the key editorial staff of journals – either at the journal’s offices or preferably by hosting a meeting at the client’s premises.

Both the printed journals as well as those published on Internet news sites need this special type of treatment.

Press Cuttings
It is essential to monitor the effectiveness of any activity undertaken in business. Reading the technical press to find out if anything has been published is time consuming and inefficient however.  The best way to monitor the effectiveness of press campaigns, as well as monitoring what has been written about a company, is to subscribe to a press clipping bureau.

GMS will set up a contract with a bureau who will regularly e-mail or post all the cuttings relating to a business or activity.  GMS can help select the press cuttings company that is best suited to the client and the areas where the client expects to have press coverage.