Technical promotional writing

If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough

To explain a products and to give the full adavntaes and benfits requires both a technical or engineering background coipled with the abilty to write succinct and garmmatically correct English.

GMS does a wide roanfe of technical writing for its cliens inscuding those listed. Access from the menu above

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  • Brochures, Data Sheets & Flyers
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Brochures, Data Sheets & Flyers
Brochures, data sheets and flyers are essential for high technology companies to sell their goods. But many companies lack the creative writers with sufficient technical understanding, writing ability and graphic design skills. Time is a problem too.

The modern trend is for companies to contract out such work whenever the need arises. GMS can readily take on this task to ensures that one multi-skilled organisation can carry out the writing or, if required, take over the entire process from first briefing, writing and checking of drafts, photography, design, editing and printing. GMS staff include graduate engineers who understand technology and can write about it. More importantly, they can emphasise the selling message and highlight the features and benefits of the products or services.


Press Releases
Press releases, sent out by e-mail with photographs attached, are a very cost effective way of promoting a company, its products and services.  But there are hundreds of such press releases sent out daily.  How can a company attract the attention of an editor and ensure publication?

GMS has many years experience in this area and has learned what works and what does not work.  Crisply written, informative, press releases work.  Quality photographs which are eye-catching and relevant work.

Measuring the success of press campaigns is vital.  GMS can advise on the appropriate press cutting services if applicable.

  • GMS staff have technical backgrounds to ensure accuracy and precision of writing
  • GMS is a valuable resource to add professional marketing expertise when required